Introducing “Die Augen der Welt”

Hi, I’m David Pittman. In 2013, I co-founded Minor Key Games and released Eldritch. Last month, my brother Kyle announced that MKG’s next release will be his 8-bit throwback Super Win the Game. And recently, I’ve been teasing my own next game on Twitter.

One of the biggest lessons I learned from Eldritch was the value of marketing. I played that game very close to the chest and waited until it was virtually finished to announce it. I felt I couldn’t afford to divide my time between development and PR, but I was also simply scared that something would go terribly wrong and I wouldn’t be able to finish the game after all. This time around, I aim to be open and transparent about what I’m making.

My next game, tentatively titled Die Augen der Welt, is a political thriller stealth game set in a neon-soaked surveillance state.

I’m starting this blog with the intent of providing updates every week or so. Some weeks, I might share an in-depth exploration of a topic I’ve been wrestling with; other weeks, just a brief summary of recent developments.

For now, I’ll provide a brief overview of what I’m planning for the game (with the usual developer caveat that much of this currently exists only in idea space and is subject to change):

  • Single-player, first-person, story-oriented stealth game
  • Narrative inspired by modern surveillance issues
  • Woman protagonist in an Edward Snowden-like role
  • Focus on pure stealth; no guns, minimal violence
  • Handcrafted, non-linear levels
  • On Windows, Mac, and Linux in early 2015

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Thanks for your time! And if you have any questions about Die Augen der Welt, hit me up on Twitter at @dphrygian or send me an email at [email protected].