Mission Results

By popular request, I’ve added a mission results screen to NEON STRUCT. I had rejected the idea months ago, feeling it would break immersion. But many playtesters asked for something like this, and a couple of my favorite stealth/immersive sim games (Thief and Dishonored) do it, so I changed my mind. Unlike the open-ended play-it-your-way methodology of Eldritch, there is a prescribed playstyle here. Avoiding detection by enemies and forgoing any use of violence is strictly a tenser and more challenging experience, and I’m fine with the game treating it as the ideal way to play.

Right now, this screen is presented as a series of pass/fail marks and a final grade. I may add some more stats—how many bodies were found, etc.—but the grading system would likely remain based on these binary conditions because it’s easier to predict.

The mission results screen has a few other benefits. It reinforces pure stealth play in a way that would be tedious to do through narrative alone. It will keep me honest about every level being ghostable (able to be completed without being seen and without taking out any guards). And of course, it will be integrated with Steam achievements for players who like that sort of thing.